Join 3D SSIM

To join 3D Soccer Simulation community you need to develop a team of 11 agents to compete during RoboCup or local events. At this time, we know about 3D SSim local events being held regularly in Brazil, China, Iran, and Portugal. There are also 3D competitions in RoboCup Asia-Pacific (RCAP) and in the RoboCup world competition.

There are some good base source codes released which can be used as a start point for new teams. See these base codes and other tools and documentation to start in the league at 3D Tools. We also suggest that you subscribe to the mailing lists to stay up to date and to post doubts and ask for help from the community to start a new team:

Qualification Process

To take part in RoboCup world competition, a team need to apply for the qualification process. Generally, qualification deadlines are in January. Calls for participation are deployed in the mailing lists and in this site. The qualification requires the submission of three items:

  • A Technical Description Paper (TDP): The TDP should describe your research focus and ideas implemented in the team. It should clearly describe your own work and your contributions in addition to explicitly specifying what you have used from others’ efforts (including, but not limited to, any source code released by other teams or their scientific work). In qualification, teams must be judged based on their own work, so failing to acknowledge the work of others could result in an immediate disqualification. The length of the TDP must be at least four (4) pages and should not exceed twelve (12) pages in Springer LNCS Style:
  • A List of Publications and Achievements on previous RoboCup Symposia and in other relevant international journals and conferences. Please do not include TDPs that you submitted to RoboCup in previous years. Please also include your team’s achievements in RoboCup and related events of previous years. If you are new to the RoboCup 3D community, you may also include references to relevant research done by your team that shows its potential.
  • Binary code: All teams should submit a working binary code of their team. The OC will use these binaries to play 11 vs 11 matches, under the rules and with the simulator used during the last competitions.

Follow this site and mailing lists for further information!