Qualified Teams: RoboCup 2022 Soccer Simulation 2D

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Soccer Simulation League qualification round.
Also, I would like to thank experts, Prof. Eicke Godehardt, Prof. Joao Fabro, Prof. Thomas Gabel, and committee members, ECs, TCs, and OCs for their great help in reviewing TDPs.
After reviewing TDPs and the final version of TDPs, we have provided the list of qualified teams that are mentioned below:

-Alice2022 (China)
-Apollo2d (China)
-CYRUS (Canada)
-FRA-UNIted (Germany)
-Hades2D (Iran)
-HELIOS2022 (Japan)
-Hfutengine2022 (China)
-Iranad (Iran)
-ITAndroids (Brazil)
-MT2022 (China)
-Oxsy (Romania)
-Persepolis (Iran)
-RobôCIn (Brazil)
-Tehran2D (Iran)
-ThunderLeague (Brazil)
-YuShan2022 (China)

We will send the registration code to all qualified teams as soon.

Best Regards
RoboCup2022 Soccer Simulation 2D League Organizing Committee
Nader Zare and Morteza Noohpisheh

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