3D Soccer Simulation

This is the official page of the RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League (3DSim). On this page, you find an overview of the teams, the committees, the rules and regulations, results of the world championships, events and more about this league.

RoboCup is an international scientific initiative with the goal to advance the state of the art of intelligent robots. To fulfill this goal RoboCup proposed several different competitions (leagues) in different domains (RoboCupSoccer, RoboCupRescue, RoboCup@Home, RoboCupIndustrial and RoboCup Junior) – See more at RoboCup Federation official website: http://www.robocup.org

The 3D Simulation League uses a multi-agent 3D humanoid soccer simulator to foster research and development on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Pursuing the RoboCup 2050 Goal (team of humanoid robots winning the champion human soccer team by 2050), this league is focused on team strategy, humanoid robotics, learning,  optimization and artificial intelligence.

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