3D Committees

Maintenance Committee (MC)

Soccer Simulation (as like as all other leagues in RoboCup) is not just a competition. The aim is to, on the one hand, prepare a testbed for researchers to implement their ideas and test their methods in a simulated multi-agent environment and, on the other hand, keep moving forward to have a more realistic environment and join other leagues to achieve the common goal of the RoboCup. So, every year we have developments in the league (by MC and the help of teams). These developments show if the league can be continued in RoboCup anymore or not (this will be decided by the Federation). MC is the heart of the league. The MC maintains and extends the simulator(s) used in our league based on decisions of the Technical Committee (TC), but it also takes the initiative to implement valuable features that do not directly affect the soccer simulation itself. The work is entirely done by volunteers.

Organizing Committee (OC)

OC is responsible for organizing the league, this includes setting a schedule, updating the website of the league, performing the qualification process, deciding about hardware (with local organizers), and running games during competitions (organizing the league in the RoboCup competition). OC has a close collaboration with TC. OC members are selected by the Exec of the league and trustees.

Technical Committee (TC)

TC is responsible for planning for the technical aspects of the league in the short term to keep in the roadmap of the whole RoboCup in the long term. TC has a close collaboration with MC and OC; also, it gets feedback from teams on the mailing lists. TC sets deadlines for releasing the simulators in contact with MC and proposes to the MC the features and technical expectations from the simulator for the following years. TC helps OC set rules and for tests and approval of simulator modifications released by MC. TC members are selected based on an election by votes of team leaders. Usually, there is one appointed member who is chosen by trustees and execs to be in TC.

Executive Committee (Exec)

The executive committee presents the league and its achievements to the Federation annually and gets feedback to organize the league. Exec members discuss the long-term and short-term goals of the league and have contact with other leagues and federations to have a better plan for the league’s future. Exec. members are members of TC as well. Exec members are elected by the trustee board of the federation, and they serve 3-year terms.