RoboCup 2022: 3D Simulation Results

The RoboCup 2022 Soccer Simulation 3D was amazing! Ten teams competed for five days in the central Soccer Competition. Teams were also challenged with a set of Technical Challenges.

The Free Scientific Challenge is a competition where teams present a one-page paper and a 5-minute presentation of one of their main scientific contributions to the league in the last year. A jury composed of each team leader and two invited experts evaluates and votes on the best contributions.

The Fat Proxy challenge invites teams to adapt their codes to use more abstract commands in the simulator, like Simulation 2D league. The magma’s Fat Proxy enables teams to use commands similar to dash and kick used in the 2D simulator to run in the original 3D Simulator. Teams from 2D and 3D leagues can participate in this challenge.

See the complete results of the competition and challenges here.

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