Call for Technical Committee Members: 2D League

We welcome the recommendation of next technical committee members. It is open to everybody who has knowledge of soccer simulation 2D league.


We call for two new members of the technical committee who contribute to the league by discussing and establishing the league’s rules. The task of the technical committee is to discuss the league’s rules considering the league roadmap. If the proposed rules require the new code of the soccer server, they may need to provide an implementation.
The term of the technical committee member is one year. Reappointment is allowed after another procedure of the election.


by 13:00 June 25, 2021 (UTC):    Nomination of TC members
14:00 June 25, 2021 (UTC):    TC election at team leader’s meeting (closed meeting)

Election Procedure

  • [Nomination] All candidates for a technical committee member must be supported by two people. The supporters must be a current technical committee member, a past technical committee member, or a team leader in this league which is competing in this year’s competition. Please submit the recommendation through this form.
  • Candidates should not necessarily be a team member of this year’s competition. However, the candidates should show their knowledge on the league during the speech just before the election.
  • [Election] During the election at the team leaders’ meeting on June 25, 2021:
    • Each candidate is given about 5 minutes for speech. In the speech it is expected that the candidate introduces her/himself and explains what can be done if elected.
    • After the speech from all candidates, each team votes for two (subject to change) candidates. Note that each team has the right to vote, not each person.
    • Two candidates who obtained the most votes are elected as the next technical committee members.

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