Unofficial 2D competition after league meeting on June 19, 2020

There will be an unofficial RoboCup soccer 2D simulation competition on June 19. This competition starts right after the league meeting. The following are the details of the competition (copied from the post on robocup-sim ML):

Dear RoboCup Teams,

As you know, the RoboCup World Championships have unfortunately been postponed for a year.

We decided to hold an unofficial 2D soccer simulation competition on June 19.


  • Participation will be free of cost, no participation fee.
  • The tournament will be held remotely on June 19 after the league meeting(the meeting will be started at 10:00 am (UTC), and the competition will be started at 11:00 am (UTC)).
  • The competitions are held in the two-elimination format. It means each team will be eliminated after two losses.
  • Sixteen teams can participate in this competition. The priority of qualified teams is greater to participate.
  • These matches will be stream on YouTube.
  • The version of the server will be 16.0.0, and the release of ubuntu will be 18.04.
  • To participate, please fill the below form and send your binary on June 18 to ““.
Nader Zare,
Best regards


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